Experience video collaboration with 
a natural, panoramic perspective 

More than a single camera

PanaCast is actually a real-time synchronised multi-camera system with nine internal processors and robust capabilities.

Built-in HD stereo audio

High-quality audio so you can meet without disruptions

Panoramic-4K resolution

For communication that is as clear as possible. You can even enhance luminance with Panacast Vivid.

Individualised Control

Download the PanaCast app for touch-enabled control of your meeting views.

Advances with you

Firmware updates that don’t just fix bugs. All PanaCast users get the latest in innovative core functionality at no added cost.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled

PanaCast sees the whole room and everyone in it, enabling the full benefits 
of artificial intelligence. 

Captures 100% of the room

Because of its 180º wide and 54º tall field of view, PanaCast presents your entire space without distortion.

Works with everything

Plug-and-Play easily with the most popular collaboration services

USB Plug-and-Play

This USB enabled Plug-and-Play device works easily with the most popular collaboration services without requiring you to download extra drivers or integration software.

Award-winning design that is small and portable

Bring the enhanced experience of PanaCast video collaboration with you anywhere – whether you are at your office, your home or your hotel.

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Work better together with everyone in the picture, in the know

Three cameras working as one, with Intelligent Vision. Hello future