IP Phones

The D7 Series – Quality, Advanced Features 
& Worldwide Recognition

The professional D7 Series telephones are aesthetically appealing, offering a highly practical industrial design to meet mission critical business requirements where the telephone is a key tool in every day work.

Snom’s conference telephone provides a reliable solution that demonstrates 15 years of investment in telephone engineering. This phone is a powerful business tool that enhances collaboration and teamwork by enabling multiple callers to listen and/or talk on the same call. Snom’s proven voice quality and powerful software enable high audio quality in a hands free situation.

C520 - WiMi

The Snom C520 is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale.

Thanks to advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, the C520 is the perfect device for team conferencing and offers three cutting-edge microphones. The first of these is built into the high-performance full-duplex speaker in the main base station with two further wireless DECT microphones that can be freely placed or carried in the room as required.

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Snom Conferencing

Quality, robust telephone & conferencing systems

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Snom Broadcasting

Public Address System

Snom PA1: A fine-tuned business solution

Snom has developed a SIP bridge (PA1) enabling businesses to extend their existing public announcement speaker system while upgrading from digital/POTs systems into SIP-based voice communication solutions. The PA1 can be used in both small and large applications due to the inclusion of a 4-watt amplifier for single speaker projects. 

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Snom's German engineering is globally renowned for robust, high-quality and feature-rich business telephones that are designed exclusively for the trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer. All of Snom’s products are universally compatible with leading PBX platforms operating under the SIP standard with over 4 million end-point installations globally.

Snom D785 12-Line 24-Button Colour SIP Deskphone Gigabit PoE

Next Generation VoIP

The Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced Snom IP phones. Elegantly designed (Black and white) and featuring a large high-resolution colour display and a convenient second screen for dynamic contact management as well as integrated Bluetooth, this IP phone has all the functions necessary to fulfil even the most demanding requirements.

Snom D765 12-Line 16-Button Colour SIP Deskphone Gigabit PoE

A deskphone with HD audio and a rich visual information display

The D765 combines ease of use, versatility, design quality and audio performance. It offers a 3.5” high-resolution color TFT display that delivers rich information – such as presence and photocaller ID – to the user. 16 freely programmable multicolor function keys can be configured for a variety of one-touch telephony functions such as speed dial, busy lamp field or presence indication.

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The world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. 

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Snom IP Dects

Whether using a single radio base station or a multi-cell installation, Snom’s DECT solution allows you to keep doing business when moving around the workplace.

The Snom family of IP DECT systems and handsets ensure that business users don’t sacrifice functionality and quality for workplace mobility while maintaining the capability of their deskphones. Whether in small business environments, large enterprises, factories, warehouses, campuses, temporary construction sites, schools, mission critical environments, or healthcare centres, the Snom IP DECT systems can be installed rapidly and scaled instantly while providing superb HD digital voice communications with call security and encryption and maintaining all of the advanced features of the business telephone system.

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Snom M700 IP DECT 
Multi-cell Base Station               

Provides VoIP wireless coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings

Each base station can be configured for up to 30 M65 handsets with up to 253 M700s in a deployment, accommodating a total of 1000 handsets and enabling coverage of entire office complexes across large areas.

Connected M65 handsets enjoy IP phone system features such as direct search in the corporate directory and HD audio.  The M700 supports the M5 repeaters with DECT encryption to increase coverage. 

Workplace Mobility – Freedom of Movement While You Talk

Snom D745 12-Line 8-Button LSS SIP Deskphone Gigabit PoE

High resolution display and self-labeling keys

Aesthetically appealing and highly practical, the D745 desk phone is a prime solution for those who utilize the telephone in daily work. It is not only easy to use, but also cost effective for large-scale deployment. Its elegant design complements even the most prestigious surroundings, and its high/low angle foot stand allows for maximum user comfort and efficiency. 

Snom D715 4-Line 5-Button SIP Deskphone Gigabit PoE

A professional desk phone with high-speed connectivity and high quality audio

The D715 is designed to provide the professional worker with the best in high-speed connectivity combined with high-quality audio. The integral Gigabit switch provides future proofing and, combined with the USB port, enables high levels of flexibility and functionality. The USB port can connect a USB headset, a D7 expansion module or Wi-Fi.

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Snom D725 12-Line 18-Button SIP Deskphone Gigabit PoE

For when you need a complete overview of all calls at your finger tips

The D725 has 18 freely programmable multi-colour function keys in three rows – a design that allows D725 users to have a complete overview of all calls at their fingertips. This, combined with the ability to support up to twelve SIP identities, makes the Snom D725 handset an ideal candidate for intensive phone usage.

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D712 Desk Telephone

A business phone designed for HD audio, performance and affordability

The D712 is a state-of-the-art, full-featured IP desk phones for small or large scale deployments suitable for use in a multitude of business scenarios. Supporting four SIP identities and five programmable keys with built in LEDS for visual call indication alerts, the D712 blends an elegant utilitarian design for high usability with high performance and affordability.

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Snom D120 SIP Deskphone

SIP Deskphone

With the D120, Snom completes its phone series with a real entry-level device. Designed for large installations, such as those that can be found in the hotel- or healthcare industry, its straightforward design and exceptional audio quality meet all the requirements of an entry-level phone.

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Snom D7 18-Button DSS Module for D715/725/745/765

A high-performance, high-resolution, 
easy-to-use expansion module

An expansion module provides users who experience high call coverage with greater flexibility and increased productivity. The D7 expansion module enhances the 700 series by adding 18 programmable keys with LEDs to deliver features such as speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication.

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Snom M65 IP DECT Professional Handset Wideband Audio               

Versatile mobile business communication functionality

With its sleek appearance and comprehensive range of features, the M65 is ideal for customers requiring mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings. A large backlit 2” color display and backlit keypad provide easy visibility, while wideband audio ensures crystal clear voice quality. The handset features six polyphonic ringtones and vibration alert for incoming calls.

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Snom M85 Ruggedised IP65 Industrial DECT Handset             

Industrial handset has been developed for the most demanding day-to-day workplace requirements

This modern IP-DECT phone is especially resilient and shockproof. The M85 also boasts cutting-edge occupational safety features such as integrated dead man’s sensor and an alarm function. The Snom M85 has been developed for indoor and outdoor use in industrial settings. Not only is the phone’s casing robust and shockproof – it also offers protection from water and dust.

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