Aruba Instant On 

Aruba Instant On is the Wi-Fi that small businesses have 
been waiting for – fast, reliable, simple and secure. 
Discover what Instant On can do for your business.

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Super-fast setup 

Forget the hard-to-read
user manuals

Easy to use 

Mobile app and web based management

Explore simple, smarter Wi-Fi whether you're a small business or working and learning from home.

Security you can trust

Industry-leading security and reliability

Keep your business running while working from home. 

Focus on what matters most.

Setting up Wi-Fi has never been simpler.

The Aruba Instant On app gets your 
Wi-Fi up and running in minutes.

Smart Mesh has you covered.

Setting up indoor and outdoor coverage is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - and you'll get a super strong signal wherever you go.

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If you're looking for in-room convenience and fast Wi-Fi performance, the Aruba Instant On Desktop APs are just the right size. They’re perfect for your business or the home office. 


Desk  / Wall Access Points

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AP11  |  AP12  |  AP15

Indoor Access Points

When choosing a new wireless access point, a lot depends on your indoor space. With Aruba Instant On, there’s one that’s just right for you. 

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Outdoor Access Points

When choosing a new outdoor access point, consider what's on the inside. With Aruba Instant On outdoor APs, you get the same seamless experience, inside and out, regardless of where you go. 

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Acquire an Aruba Expert, we'll sort the solution for your business. 

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Introducing Aruba Instant On

The always-on network for the always-on business

Find your right fit

Have a larger family or more devices? The AP12 is built for speeds up to 1600 Mbps and up to 75 devices. 

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Business Wi-Fi that works as hard as you do

You deserve a Wi-Fi network that works as hard as you do, one that’s as easy to set up and manage as it is to use and enjoy. Meet Aruba Instant On.


Cross “fix Wi-Fi” off your 
to-do list for good

Your business depends on technologies, people, and processes coming together. Your Wi-Fi network is what makes it all work. Get Wi-Fi purpose-built for business that just works—reliably, securely, and remarkably simply, right out of the box. Welcome to Aruba Instant On.

Speed. Simplicity. Security. Get all three.


Work-from-home Wi-Fi without the work

Ready to say goodbye to dead spots, dropped connections, and spinning circles? Aruba Instant On gives you a reliable, robust, and secure Wi-Fi connection ready for today's IoT, work-from-home, remote-learning, online-everything world. Set it up in minutes and easily manage your network from anywhere with the Aruba Instant On App.

Set up in less time than it takes to make popcorn

Finally, there’s no need to compromise between blazing-fast, reliable home Wi-Fi and true ease of use. Enjoy simple set up, management, and smart security that’s included, at no extra cost.

Fast and smart are just the start

Ready, set... It's already on. Wi-Fi made that easy.