TruScale Infrastructure Services

Pay-for-what-you-use data center

Technology moves fast, making traditional IT hardware, software and support options a challenge for some companies and industries.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to meet your growing infrastructure needs: by eliminating the time commitments and large capital investments and offering an As-a-Service solution that’s as unique as your business.

Smarter Technology for all


No monthly minimum usage requirement

No upfront 
HW Cost

No more network management complexities

Private infrastructure on a Cloud model 

Lenovo harnessed their ThinkSystems & ThinkAgile portfolio, blended selected partners’ innovations and wrapped their industry-leading Lenovo Services, to provide end to end data centre infrastructure solution on a true consumption model, similar to the cloud. 

Managed infrastructure services with 
no upfront HW Investment 

TruScale eliminates Customers’ upfront capital for HW and is supported by Best in Class solutions backed by Lenovo’s Managed Services that includes System Health Management, capacity planning, metering, installation, and infrastructure lifecycle administration. 

Lenovo’s Managed Services will significantly reduce critical time spent on infrastructure management complexities. 

Smarter scalable deployment 

TruScale’s Customers will have the ability to scale-up on new technologies incrementally, reducing their adoption risk exposure.

“TruScale is a true consumption model that charges the customer on actual usage of the HW. No other consumption model can claim the same.” 

TruScale is available on:


Pay as you grow: charged by the number of vdi nodes deployed & not by nodes


Choose between fixed or metered monthly charges


Round the clock: 24/7 support to ensure the infrastructure is always on, always updated & always ready

Smarter support at every step towards a next-gen datacenter TruScale reduces Customer’s operational complexities from advisory of an assigned Customer Success 

Managers that plans their migration and transformation timeline; ensuring Infrastructure always updated to the latest version of the technology. 

Consequentially, our Customers will be ahead of industry trends with planned non-disruptive refresh cycles at every term-end. A decision taken with ease; led by TruScale, that ensures a seamless transition into a new environment. 

TruScale’s Unique Value Add to Our Acquire Customers

1. Truscale has no upfront cost for the HW, lowering Customer’s financial challenges associated with transformation.

2. TruScale bills Customers on actual usage measured by the power consumed of the HW when running, measured in KWH. 

3 .TruScale only bills our Customer for the Infrastructure deployed and not for what was initially solutioned, matching the capacity to actual workloads. 

4. TruScale will average out the various utilization of all running Infrastructure into one chargeable rate as a monthly bill. 

5. TruScale gives Customers  exibility to decide thier monthly base charges 

6. TruScale does not impose any minimum usage. Our Customers can vary its monthly utilisation, and be invoiced precisely for that.

Smarter Out-of-the-Box Lenovo solutions available on TruScale today

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TruScale Infrastructure Services for SAP Transformation

TruScale Infrastructure Services Storage on TruScale


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